Business consulting

Business consulting is crucial to asset management, and ELAZUR experts play an essential role in advising our customers on the functional aspects of their projects and aligning business needs with technological solutions. They stand out for their knowledge of the maintenance business.

ELAZUR experts ensure a mutual understanding of business challenges and tool constraints to optimize solutions, achieving business objectives on time and on budget

Our missions include in-depth analysis of business processes, audit and diagnosis of organization or use of CMMS tools, definition of requirements, assistance in choosing IT tools, drafting of specifications, and coordination between business and IT teams.

Software integration

Implementing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software is a crucial step for companies seeking to optimize their asset management and ensure efficient maintenance.  

This process involves an in-depth analysis of customer requirements, identifying the equipment to be managed, the key performance indicators, the change management strategy, integration with other systems, and the data migration strategy. The implementation process, which aims to translate these business needs as effectively as possible into the chosen CMMS solution.    

ELAZUR has developed an accelerator implementation and an implementation methodology based on the agile method, so that we can quickly see the solution implemented, which makes a real difference to our customers.  


ePlanner is a maintenance scheduling tool created for the business and by the business !

A real innovation and differentiator, its objective is to help you optimise the scheduling of your interventions to increase your productivity, improve the comfort of your work and secure the implementation of your maintenance plans.

ePlanner is now integrated into the HxGN EAM solution, so you only have one user interface for the power of two tools! It remains an agnostic tool that interfaces with all types of CMMS.

ePlanner is a unique planning tool that integrates data from operations and offers automatic planning assistance linked to business rules.. It was developed by ELAZUR.

Third-party application maintenance

Third-party application maintenance (TMA) is a strategic approach for many companies that outsource the management and maintenance of their IT applications.

By opting for TMA by ELAZUR, you entrust responsibility for the maintenance of your EAM or CMMS applications to an expert specialising in the field.

We undertake to give you access to our business and tool experts to provide functional support for your solution, freeing your company’s in-house teams from the operational constraints associated with administering your maintenance tool.

This outsourcing not only reduces the costs associated with IT management, but also gives you access to a high level of functional expertise. ELAZUR’s TMA service also offers greater flexibility by adapting resources to your needs.

Digital Lab

The ELAZUR Digital Lab is an innovation environment within the company dedicated to exploring, developing, and implementing innovative digital solutions based on the needs expressed by our customers.  

It brings together experts in emerging technologies in an environment that encourages collaboration, experimentation, and rapid iteration to create innovative digital products, services, or solutions. 

The ELAZUR Digital Lab uses agile methodologies that encourage flexibility and rapid iteration. It’s a collaborative space where multidisciplinary teams of developers, emerging technology specialists, and business professionals work together on innovative projects. 

Come and find out what our developers can do for you every day! 

Digital Academy

A change of software ?

Thanks to our business and field expertise, ELAZUR is able to carry out change management assignments. In addition to our ability to design and manage a comprehensive support approach, we also offer a unique learning solution: the digital academy.

Our digital academy enables us to support users as they embrace change and master IT tools, by creating learning paths and application guidance solutions:

  • Hyper-realistic simulators to give users the opportunity to practice business use cases on a tool whose user interface is virtually identical to that of the real application Real-time
  • guidance within the application, thanks to our DAP (digital adoption platform) solutions.

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Discover ePlanner

ePlanner is a maintenance scheduling tool created for business

A real innovator and differentiator, it enables you to optimize the scheduling of your interventions to increase your productivity, improve comfort in the workplace and secure the implementation of your maintenance plans.

ePlanner is an agnostic tool that interfaces with all types of CMMS.

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