ELAZUR will support and guide you at every stage of your CMMS implementation project.

The integration of a CMMS tool requires configuration to meet your needs. Similar to an ERP, this configuration is based on a tool published by a CMMS editor and integrated by Elazur. Our know-how enables us to install EAM and CMMS applications to meet your day-to-day needs.

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An EAM or CMMS implementation project?

At ELAZUR, we are driven by the vision that digitalization is profoundly transforming the maintenance business and the use of associated tools. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions capable of supporting them in the digitization of their maintenance activities and to bring them value at every stage of this digital transition. We are convinced that, with our business vision and the support of editors such as HxGN EAM and Carl Berger-Levraut, we can meet these challenges with and for our customers.

Our implementation offers

Pulse offer

A pre-configured package based on market-leading solutions

A foundation based on a catalog of ISO 55000 processes

Reduced design for accelerated deployment

A package based on standard HxGN EAM and Carl Source solutions

Tailor-made offer


Realization of the solution by iterations

Tests & Recipes

Deployment & TPAM

Integrating CMMS

What guides us

At ELAZUR, we are convinced that the success of a project depends on establishing a real partnership with our customers. We offer a project methodology that puts the emphasis on understanding your business needs in order to create a solution tailored to your requirements while avoiding surprises on both sides.

Create a partnership dynamic

We're convinced that the surest way to succeed is to collaborate and co-build the solution that's right for you. It's all about creating a team and a partnership dynamic.

Control risks and costs

By promoting standard solutions for your CMMS solution and using our implementation gas pedals, which shorten the stages of your implementation project, we help you control the risks and costs of your project.

Combining business and tools

Linking business knowledge and tool knowledge is essential. Because our consultants are first and foremost maintenance engineers, we avoid surprises as much as possible by making it easier to understand your needs.

Our aim is to offer you an iterative project methodology that is both flexible, thanks to agile methods, and that allows you to see the solution.

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