Digital Lab

The ELAZUR Digital Lab is an in-house innovation environment dedicated to exploring, developing and implementing innovative digital solutions based on the needs expressed by our customers. 

It is a space for experimenting, accelerating, and bringing projects to fruition to support a company’s growth by accompanying its innovation strategy. The ELAZUR Digital Lab is a flexible, participative, and innovative place where you can experiment.  

Our aim: to offer you business tools designed for you and with you, to help you with your digital transformation and your company’s growth.

Digital Lab

Digital transformation in figures

of SMEs see the impact of digital technology as an opportunity
of companies see digital transformation as an opportunity for growth
of companies see product innovation as an opportunity for grow
of employees believe that digital transformation saves them time
of employees see digital transformation as an opportunity to develop new ways of working and new skills

*Sources : BPI France

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Barometer of the digital maturity of ETIs in France 2nd edition, EY

Digital Lab

Our Offer

Personalised support

We identify our customers' needs and objectives and translate them into a business concept that suits you. Once the concepts have been formalised in the form of a functional backlog, they will be put to the test in the Lab.


We put our methodological and technical skills at your disposal to prototype the concept, test it, evaluate it and improve it to meet your objectives.

Creating your product

The validated prototype is transformed into a sustainable product ready for deployment within the company. A product roadmap is drawn up for greater visibility

Change management

Drawing on its experience in this field, ELAZUR designs a specific change management approach for you and deploys it in the field to help your end users adopt the new business uses and tools.

Digital Lab

The benefits of the Lab

Gain in competitiveness

Develop innovative new business products

Gain agility

Avoid the V-cycle tunnel effect

Gain in relevance

Have a product that meets your needs and is innovative on the market.

Involve your staff

Our collaborative approach enables your employees to participate in every stage of the process, and we support them throughout the change.

Benefit from the best technologies

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