ePlanner - an intelligent tool for automatic work scheduling

ePlanner is an automatic planning tool maintenance operations. Optimize your work schedule to increase your productivity, improve comfort at work, and secure the implementation of your maintenance plans.

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    Maintenance is changing, and so are you!

    Maintenance is changing with the factory of the future and the arrival of Maintenance 4.0. Its foundation? Planned maintenance with optimised scheduling You’ll immediately reap the benefits of optimised planning: better quality of life at work, better quality of maintenance, and optimisation of the average cost of your work.. All while improving the availability of your assets for operations!

    The functionalities offered by ePlanner reflect good planning practices, in accordance with the recommendations of the ISO 55000 standard. You will produce robust and optimised intervention schedules, taking into account the dual constraint of respecting operating requirements and those of the workshop.

    Simplicity and availability

    We believe in simplicity of use: because users of IT applications must first and foremost devote themselves to their job. That’s why ePlanner is a one-click application.

    One click and that’s it!

    The cutting-edge technologies used have one aim: to make ePlanner more than just a tool, but a service. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere, quickly, and easily deployed, ePlanner will give you access to your optimized intervention schedules from a simple browser.


    ePlanner features

    Planning module

    Adjustment and automatic calculation of the workload plan Planning module

    Planning module

    Adjustment and automatic calculation of the workload plan Planning module

    Scheduling Module

    resource allocation, adaptation to contingencies, multi-constraint

    Module Ordonnancement

    affectation des ressources, adaptation aux aléas, gestion multi-contraintes

    Agents Module

    Agent repository, automatic generation of schedules and rosters

    Agents Module

    Agent repository, automatic generation of schedules and rosters



    Plan your interventions in an optimal way

    Plan your interventions in an optimal way

    Efficiently manage your resources

    Agents, tools, and work locations

    Helps the planner

    By taking into account the specific constraints of each person

    Is easy to use

    Intuitive, one-click

    Incorporates maintenance best practice natively

    ISO 50000-compliant processes

    Uses cutting-edge technologies

    Full web application, SaaS offer, deployment via a simple browser, integration into your information system



    Planning by work order and operation

    Quick identification of overdue WOs

    Grouping of work orders

    Automatic load plan calculation

    Automatic planning according to business constraints

    Visualization of equipment WOs

    Easy manual planning

    Manual modifications

    View alerts



    Scheduling by work order (WO) and operations

    Create and manage agent schedules (vacations, training, etc.)

    Selection of work orders to be scheduled

    Scheduling by work location or agent

    Checking constraints and alerts

    Publication of the planning schedule

    Natural ergonomics

    Manual modifications

    One-screen overview



    Agent repository management

    Authorization management

    Schedule management

    Automatic generation of planning attendance schedules

    Automatic generation of on-call schedules

    Automatic bearing generation

    Day-to-day management of agent activities.

    Publication of agents' schedules

    Management of on-call schedules

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    Why plan maintenance operations?

    What companies want

    Fluid work organization
    Reliable production planning for customer satisfaction
    Reduce consumption and be more respectful of the environment
    Increase equipment longevity and availability

    Why plan maintenance operations?

    What employees want

    A harmonious, stable schedule
    Increased visibility of their schedule for better personal organization
    Enough time to operate


    an intelligent work planning tool

    ePlanner is the key to moving from reactive maintenance to planned maintenance and preparing for the future of maintenance 4.0

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