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Carl Source

CARL Source is a leading solution on the French market with its suite of innovative equipment maintenance and management solutions and its cutting-edge technical architecture.


ELAZUR's expertise in Carl Source integration

CARL Berger-Levrault, Europe’s leading provider of maintenance management and operation solutions (CMMS / EAM), strengthens its partner network with ELAZUR, a specialized ESN in Enterprise Asset Management solutions. The CMMS editor is thus demonstrating its determination to extend its influence by developing privileged links with a recognized player in the asset management field.

ELAZUR offers its customers a global approach based on methodological and technological contributions. It trains, advises, and supports business teams to ensure they are fully conversant with maintenance management solutions such as CARL Source, CARL Berger-Levrault’s flagship solution.

“This new partnership is part of a deliberate move to strengthen our presence in the following sectors transportation and industry in the industry and particularly in public transport. ELAZUR will contribute its expertise in integrating the solution and its business know-how in managing change for operational teams.”

Tugdual Le Bouar, Chief Operating Officer, Berger-Levrault Group

The partnership with CARL Berger-Levrault is fully in line with our strategy as a company specializing in the digitalization of maintenance professions. The support of CARL Berger-Levrault’s high-performance CARL Source solution will enable us to expand our presence in this fast-growing field.”

Marc Renaud, President of ELAZUR


Carl Source

Carl Source : Your complete CMMS solution

Find out how the Carl Source solution can help you optimize your maintenance


Choosing Carl Source, yes, but for what benefits?

Control the cost of maintenance

Ensuring the sustainability of assets

Inventory and document technical installations

Optimize spare parts management

Optimize technical and human resources for maintenance

Control the preparation of interventions, their planning and their costs

Adjustment of maintenance plans thanks to the indicators and information provided to improve asset availability


Key Carl Source features for high-performance maintenance

Equipment & Interventions

Resources and Planning

Customers & contacts


Analysis and Reporting Assistant

Mass data loading

Compliance with Audit 21 CFR part 11.

Multilingual , Mutli time zones

Stock Managers & Finance

Mobile applications: voice dictation, procedure reports

Interface customization and workflow system

Innovative solutions to meet the challenges of maintenance 4.0

Dematerialization of maintenance processes thanks to 3 mobile applications :

  • CARL Touch : Mobile CMMS for technicians and inventory managers.
  • CARL Xpress : Express intervention report management application for technicians and production agents .
  • CARL Flash : Application for public service requests.

Graphic integration and interaction:

Deployment of predictive maintenance:

  • BL Predict – IoT platform dedicated to maintenance The company’s main objectives are: to make the most of field data (from connected objects and machines), analyze failures, propose appropriate maintenance actions, and anticipate wear and tear and breakdowns.

A solution tailored to our customers' business and needs:

CARL Berger-Levrault offers CARL Source software in 5 industry-specific versions, perfectly adapted to the management of big business sectors:

  • CARL Source Factory : Industrial equipment and general resources.
  • CARL Source Facility : Buildings, equipment and technical infrastructure.
  • CARL Source City : Heritage, infrastructure, public networks.
  • CARL Source Transport : rolling stock, fixed and linear infrastructure…
  • CARL Source Santé : Technical and biomedical equipment.

Experience feedback

Customer Testimonials : Success stories with Carl Source

Feedback from our customers using Carl Source to optimize their maintenance.

As part of the creation of our new public transport authority in Avignon, Tecelys, we chose the CARL Source solution to manage our rolling stock, buses, and streetcars, as well as our fixed and linear installations.

This CMMS project is designed to optimize the management and performance of our maintenance operations. It’s managed by Carl Berger-Levrault and produced by Elazur, from it’s design to it’s production. The primary objective is to be able to use CARL Source from the start of our activities, i.e. from July 1, 2022. With a challenging schedule like this, we had to make choices about the scope to be covered by this deadline, with other functionalities to be implemented at a later date, such as purchasing management and interfacing with our accounting/finance management tool. »

Thierry LALAU , Technical Director SPL TECELYS Grand Avignon