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CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, plays an essential role in maximizing a company's operational efficiency. At ELAZUR, we specialize in asset management, and, in particular, in providing integrated solutions that bridge the gap between business and IT applications.

What is CMMS, and why is it essential to your business?

CMMS, focuses specifically on the management of maintenance activities. Its aim is to ensure equipment availability and reliability by planning, monitoring, and optimizing corrective and preventive maintenance operations. It is essential for a wide range of sectors, such aspublic transport,theutilities,the industries including the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. ELAZUR stands out for its expertisebusinessin this discipline, offering significant advantages to its customers.


Key CMMS features for efficient maintenance management

Explore key features CMMSdesigned for efficient, proactive maintenance management. From asset management to predictive maintenance, a CMMS solution offers powerful tools for optimizing your operations. Find out howa tool forCMMS or EAM can simplify planning, improve inventory management, and ensure efficient maintenance throughout the life of the project.of the asset’s life cycle.

Asset and Inventory Management

A CMMS or EAM solution, includes advanced asset and inventory management, enabling optimal stock management, thus reducing the costs associated with out-of-stock situations.

Planning and follow-up of interventions

ELAZUR offers a tool for automatic planning and optimization of your maintenance operations. ePlanner is an agnostic tool that complements CMMS tools and interfaces easily.

It provides maintenance planners with valuable assistance by offering several innovations not previously available in this particular field: innovative, simple, visual ergonomics and automatic planning assistance.

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Digitalization maintenance enables real-time data collection from equipment and assets. By analyzing this data using machine learning algorithms, organizations can anticipate potential failures and carry out predictive maintenance. This reduces unplanned downtime and optimises resource utilisation.

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Find out how our expertise in Maintenance at ELAZUR can positively transform your company. We’ll help you optimize your maintenance processes with tailor-made solutions. Our approach integrates advanced functionalities such as asset management, scheduling, and tracking, as well as preventive and predictive maintenance. By working with our specialized team, you’ll benefit from customized business processes, a proven methodology for implementing the solutionin-depth training and support for professions and tools expert. Let us be the partner that takes your maintenance management to new heights. Contact ELAZUR today for a discuss your needsand discover howa CMMS toolcan be the catalyst for your operational success.

FAQ - ELAZUR Answers your questions

CMMS Maintenance is a computerized asset maintenance management method used to plan, monitor and optimize maintenance operations.

CMMS uses specific software to automate planning, maintenance activity tracking, resource management, and report generation.

Benefits include improved maintenance scheduling, cost reduction, extended equipment life and efficient inventory management.

The integration of CMMS software involves customizing the software to meet the company's specific needs, training staff, and implementing maintenance processes.

Yes, some companies offer ready-to-use CMMS integration solutions that facilitate the adoption of the software and the transition to a computerized maintenance management system.